SEMA Booth #16524

Hozeez is the solution to the age old problem of trying to wash the car without the hose getting stuck under the tires. It is easy to use and durable. Simply drop the Hozeez on the ground and kick it under the tire. No careful placement is required. Due to its unique patent pending design, it actually gets pulled more tightly under the tire when the hose pulls against it, instead of being pulled out like cheap competitive products. When done washing the car, simply rinse the Hozeez off and toss them in your car wash bucket for storage. Hozeez is molded in high visibility yellow plastic so you can’t miss it when putting away the rags and buckets. If you do forget it’s under the tire, no problem - Hozeez is tough tested. We have driven over it with a pickup truck and it still works perfectly! For most situations, a pair of Hozeez will allow you to pull the hose around the car without it getting stuck, though some people still like to use four.
The idea came about when my daughter Jen was washing her car and kept getting annoyed when the hose got stuck under the tires. Among other choice things, she said, “You’re an Engineer, FIX IT.” Actually, she remembered a plastic wheel chock we had in the garage and asked if that could be used to keep the hose away from the tire. It wouldn’t, but it did spark the idea for a solution. HozeezTM was born.
We looked at the Hozeez opportunity from an Engineer’s point of view. When researching patents we found designs going back to the early days of the automobile. We saw abandoned patents and products that looked good but didn’t work well. We then identified two main challenges: The product had to work on a wide variety of tire sizes, and it had to stay lodged against the tire. Substantial time went into prototyping and testing numerous concepts to develop an efficient design that would always work. It works on passenger cars, “rubber band” tires on tuners and sports cars, and on light truck / SUV tires. We then selected a high strength engineering polymer that is tough, durable, and slippery, so hoses easily slide around the Hozeez.
Bishop Innovations is a family owned business which produces all of its products in America. Our passion is automotive, but we also develop other products, all considered innovative solutions to everyday problems. With extensive engineering, product development, manufacturing and corporate management experience, we have the ability to identify opportunities and provide high quality cost-effective product solutions.
We are exhibiting in SEMA Booth 16524 to introduce Hozeez to aftermarket accessories and catalog retailers.
The product is available on our website, I can be contacted via email at or by phone at 781-264-5698.