New Prestone with Cor-Guard™ inhibitors helps engines run longer
LAKE FOREST, IL. (August 22, 2014) – Prestone®, the leading consumer choice for branded antifreeze/coolant in North America, debuts groundbreaking Cor-Guard™ Inhibitor technology. This new Prestone antifreeze formula provides advanced corrosion protection for a vehicle’s entire cooling system, helping engines run longer. The improved antifreeze formula uses patented Cor-Guard inhibitors to better protect areas in the cooling system most vulnerable to corrosion. When used as directed, new Prestone protects the water pump, heater core, radiator and gaskets from corrosion and degradation, reducing the risk of engine failure and leading to longer engine life. “Our new proprietary formula improves Prestone’s already industry-leading antifreeze, making it easy for all drivers on the road today to better protect their engines,” said Tim Shipley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prestone. “Prestone with Cor-Guard inhibitors will be one of the most pivotal innovations the antifreeze category has seen in nearly 20 years.”
To keep pace with today’s sophisticated engines, scientists at Prestone’s world-renowned Technology Center spent seven years developing this new formula. Prestone tested all cooling system components – from metals to polymers to gaskets – and completed more than one million miles of fleet testing, including aggressively driven emergency vehicles, to ensure optimal protection. The enriched formula is backed by multiple patents, does not void manufacturer warranties and works in domestic, Asian and European model vehicles. “Engine technology is rapidly becoming more advanced, and we recognize Prestone must be a leader in coolant technology to continue serving our customers’ best interests,” said Shipley. Drivers can continue to use Prestone with all makes and models of cars and light-duty trucks. Prestone works with any existing antifreeze, regardless of color, and protects in extreme heat and cold. Prestone® with Cor-Guard inhibitors is available in Extended Life Concentrate and 50/50 Ready-To-Use Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant at leading retailers in North America. For more information on Prestone® with Cor-Guard™ inhibitors or other Prestone products, visit
About Prestone®
Headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., Prestone is the number one branded consumer choice for Antifreeze/Coolant in North America. Prestone manufactures and markets antifreeze/coolant, brake and power steering fluid, and other leading vehicle maintenance products. Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant has protected vehicle cooling systems since 1927 and now features patented Cor-Guard™ Inhibitors. For more information on Prestone and vehicle maintenance options, visit