Phoenix Systems releases BrakeShot to revitalize and enhance brake fluid to a higher level of quality and safety.
St. George, UT - August 20, 2014 - Phoenix Systems introduces BrakeShot, the new brake fluid enhancer designed to fight corrosion that is caused by the harmful effects of copper. This liquid brake fluid enhancer instantly combats copper corrosion by restoring and strengthening old brake fluid. BrakeShot helps protect the vehicle's brake system by transforming average brake fluid into a high-tech, high-grade brake fluid, thus prolonging the life of your vehicle's brake fluid and entire brake system. BrakeShot uses DOT guidelines and is specifically formulated to slow down copper corrosion in the braking system. BrakeShot prevents sticking calipers, ailing master cylinders, and other ABS braking troubles that are brought on by corrosion and high copper levels. This extra layer of protection ensures your safety and gives your vehicle an immunity-boost against copper corrosion.
Phoenix Systems is the industry authority on brake fluid testing and brake safety with multiple patents on their innovative products. In 2000, BrakeStrip, a 60-second brake fluid test, was introduced and currently dealerships use this test to evaluate the copper corrosion levels in the brake fluid. Consumers can easily have this test completed to determine if their system is contaminated and in need of BrakeShot or a complete system flush.
With multiple patents pending, a one-ounce shot of BrakeShot treats up to 1 liter of brake fluid, which is the average capacity of a vehicle’s braking system. Cheaper and quicker than a brake flush, BrakeShot is universal and works on all foreign and domestic vehicles. BrakeShot was released on August 1, 2014. For more information on BrakeShot visit
About Phoenix Systems
Phoenix Systems deployed its copper corrosion brake test strips in 2000. Since then, the company has been committed to research and development to remain at the forefront of the automotive technology industry. More than 860 million brake strips have been sold since their debut. Phoenix Systems is committed to safeguarding stopping power through the latest in breakthrough technology. Phoenix holds over a dozen US and foreign patents as a result of their pioneering efforts in the automotive industry. Project Stop Safe is Phoenix Systems’ latest initiative in keeping drivers safe on the road.
About Project Stop Safe
Project Stop Safe is the certification program surrounding Phoenix Systems' BrakeStrip brake fluid safety inspection. The package includes patented 25% more patented BrakeStrips than buying BrakeStrips alone and the complete marketing program with all of the tools you need to launch your brake safety Inspection campaign. This program sets dealerships apart as the dealer who goes above and beyond to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. A Project Stop Safe certification shows that the dealership is a part of a nationwide brand of safety-conscious, customer friendly dealerships.