AKRON (Aug 14, 2014) — CIMS Inc. will be partnering with TCS Technologies to use TCS’s Tire Power Software for an interface that will allow dealers to electronically register every tire sold at the point-of-sale (POS), the companies claim. “By TCS now offering POS tire registration, Tire Power software users can complete the tire registration process electronically,” said CIMS President Susan B. Kruder. “They will be fully compliant with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Tire Identification and Recordkeeping Regulation and provide every customer with the safety protection of being directly notified at the time of recall.” Ms. Kruder said with all the safety recalls attracting attention lately, registering tires is an integral part of the safety recall process because it is the “only realistic way a tire manufacturer or brand owner can directly notify the tire purchaser.” TCS’s partnering with CIMS allows the software company to give its customers “an excellent value-added product and continues to keep us in the forefront of technology solutions for the tire industry,” said TCS President Barry Reese. “Critical services like CIMS help drive business for our Tire Power users, because it lets their customers know they care about their safety.”