Furthering its commitment to producing the world’s best shock absorbers, struts and suspension kits for the road, track and trail, BILSTEIN has launched an online incentive and knowledge platform to give its retailers expert-level information about its product line through an engaging, interactive online education and rewards program. “We know the importance our dealers make in representing our brand to our customer base of auto enthusiasts and professionals,” said Antonio Curioso, Sales Director at BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers. “We believe we can better serve customers and create a superior buying experience by giving them access to experts who anticipate their needs and know our product line confidently. We’re investing in this program because we’re placing a priority on advancing dealer training and knowledge.”
Through this free program, BILSTEIN dealers can conveniently train nationwide sales representatives via an easy to use online tool, resulting in reduced travel fees and training costs. Retails sales representatives will have access to a series of interactive modules featuring technical instruction and sales tips for each of BILSTEIN’S product segments, including; OE Replacement Parts, Tuning, Light Truck and Offroad, Heavy Duty and Motorsports shock absorbers. This program will allow sales teams to best match their customers with the right products and help their retail organization increase sales volume and profitability. As part of the online incentive program, each dealer who completes the training will be awarded with product prizes. Many of BILSTEIN’s top retailers have already begun using this new program, including, 4WheelParts and O’Reilly Auto Parts, and have seen positive results. “This program has been essential in training our team on BILSTEIN’s wide range of premium products. We’ve had many employees complete the training and the results are evident in our BILSTEIN product sales.” – Dave Rittenhouse, Director of Sales & Merchandising, 4WheelParts.
For more information, visit the custom training site developed for BILSTEIN dealers at 3point5.com/bilstein.