SMART-O plug introduces SmarTorq - the world's first smart and unified oil drain plug torque system, to simplify and speed up plug installation during oil change. It is “unified” because a single torque specification can be applied, which depends only on the vehicle’s engine type. So there’s no need to spend time searching through the automaker’s OEM charts or manuals to establish the exact torque specification.
SmarTorq makes the oil change easier, faster, and more error proof. Now technicians can simply apply 18 ft-lb to every gasoline powered car, light trucks and 27 ft-lb for diesel powered ones. This unique feature comes from SMART-O plug’s increased prevailing torque due to the patented sealing and anti-vibration mechanism, using a special o-ring on the plug's thread. The SmarTorq specification was verified from advanced vibration and leak testing, using both aluminum and steel oil pans. The 18 and 27 ft-lb values, combined with SMART-O’s properties as a “non-metallic, friction locking-type” of torque prevailing mechanical seal, are recommended to reduce risks for drain plug leakage and oil out events (sudden loss of engine oil due to loss of plug). The result of the tests: "SMART-O Plugs did not leak, at all four torque measurements tested. The plugs performed equally regardless of which material (Aluminum or Steel) the oil pans threads were made of."
SMART-O® plug is the most advanced aftermarket oil drain plug available and was engineered as an environmentally protective “green car care” and engine protection solution. The plug was designed to prevent the problems and risk of oil drain plug leaks, sudden oil loss, the associated engine damages, stripped oil pan threads and freshwater contamination caused by oil leaks. Other advantages include a unique head marking and part match-up system, and a wide plug selection to service any market and any need. SMART-O is a patented technology, originating from the USA, currently distributed internationally in more than 10 countries and offers comprehensive online resources:
Our plug offers improved performance, technical benefits and unique brand positioning allowing an upsell to end users and good margins for part distributors and retailers. The product can be introduced in a market niche where there is next to no competition due to the uniqueness of the product in this category. SMART-O has proven to sell well at a premium to garages, workshops and parts retailers (selling at 700 locations in Australia alone).
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• ANTI-LEAK AND ANTI-VIBRATION FUNCTION: most powerful sealing and fixing mechanism
• ENGINE PROTECTION: prevents sudden, catastrophic oil loss
• OIL PAN PROTECTION: softer material, less torque required to safely seal oil pan
• FASTER INSTALLATION: plug ID, reference materials, vehicle-part lookup tool, unified torque values
• ECO-PROTECTION: prevents oil leakage in environment -
• PATENTED: internationally patented technology, unique positioning for distributors
• BRANDING: comprehensive marketing support program, used as upsell (service install + retail sales)