The Innovative Brake Manufacturer Invests in New Equipment, Expands Availability, Targets New Markets and Adds Purchasing Programs
POWAY, Calif.--(April 29, 2014)--PureForge, the leader in the development of innovative brake solutions, today announces its new 4-point growth strategy. The strategy includes investment in new machinery, expanded availability of rotor types, new targets in commercial fleets and additional purchasing programs. “We have invested heavily these last few months to further accelerate PureForge’s growth and market penetration into the brake rotor marketplace,” says PureForge’s newly appointed CEO, Walter Frankiewicz. “We are confident these steps will lead to wider availability of safer, long-life brakes.” PureForge has gained significant momentum through several aggressive undertakings and a major expansion of its business strategy. First, the company has invested in new production equipment, which triples capacity for processing rotors. The new equipment also enables tighter process control and the use of new alternative compound substrates. Secondly, PureForge has processed its first cast iron rotors, which augment the current stainless steel rotors. This allows market penetration beyond motorcycles and select law enforcement type vehicles, while significantly shortening development cycles and reducing costs for new product development. These rotors are in test phase and will be heading to independent testing facilities in the next few months. Thirdly, PureForge has greatly expanded its business strategy to include large Class-6, 7 and 8 commercial vehicles. The fleets operating these vehicles have long demanded extended-life brakes to minimize maintenance costs associated with brake service. The recent NHTSA stopping distance regulations requiring these vehicles to stop in as short as 250-ft is driving a rapid expansion in the use of air disc brakes as a means of meeting the new laws. PureForge is positioning well to help fleets both on the service cost side as well as meeting the stopping distance requirements as the air disc brake market grows. Lastly, PureForge will now allow direct purchase of its innovative products. PureForge has been known for its unique Brakes-as-a-Service™ leasing model that allows rapid implementation without a huge upfront cost. While this model has proven innovative, the company has recognized that many fleets prefer to purchase the product outright. Based on their financial needs and practices, customers can now choose which acquisition model best meets their business.
About PureForge
PureForge is headquartered in Poway, California and manufactures brakes utilizing its proprietary Atomic-Forged® technology. Founded in 2006, PureForge’s revolutionary technology has consistently increased brake performance and safety while decreasing brake wear and environmental toxins. For more information on PureForge, please visit