Shock absorber performance is greatly influenced by the temperature, viscosity and stability of its hydraulic fluid. Accordingly, the suspension experts at Sway-A-Way have developed Baja Blood™—a synthetic shock oil that has improved lubricity and less friction than conventional lubricants to optimize performance and durability. Baja Blood™ is formulated to withstand the most severe off-road racing environments. It has excellent thermodynamic qualities and runs cooler than conventional oils of a similar viscosity. Another important benefit of this true synthetic is resistance to foaming, a common problem of conventional oils. It also helps prolong seal life. Proven in competition, Baja Blood™ has demonstrated a superior service life (less fade) in comparison to conventional shock oils. It is employed in all of Sway-A-Way’s racing shocks, and can be used to give a “performance transfusion” to most any brand shock absorber. Rated at “7 weight” viscosity for optimum all-around use, Baja Blood™ is available in quart bottles, gallon jugs and 5-gallon buckets. For additional details go to or call 818-700-9712. Sway-A-Way has been a leader in off-road suspension technology since 1967 and headquartered in Chatsworth, California.