Horseshoe with a horse again in the LARTE logo
The name LARTE is derived from Italian and means “the art to create”, which reflects the company’s credo - to create following the laws of art. The emblem contains all symbols which reflect the company’s philosophy. The royal blue is the color of the noble origin, and it also symbolizes the Alpine sky which the company founders saw in Germany. The four horseshoes mean good luck and happiness, as well as the succession from a horse to a car. The eight stripes symbolize eternity and prosperity. The emblem is a harmonious combination of all these signs and a proud symbol of the company on the hood of each produced car.
An interesting fact is that more than 6 years ago, when the founder of the LARTE company personally painted a model the future logo of his company, the now famous logo of the studio has not only a horseshoe, but also a graceful horse. And at that time it was not possible to register the logo with the horse. Therefore, this symbol was replaced by a wreath of letters L-A-R-T-E and was patented in the US in 2015.
After the work on the finalization, finally managed to implement the previously conceived trademark. And in June 2018, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a confirmation of the registration of the long-awaited trademark - a horseshoe with a horse.
We are glad that this event happened and soon the updated logo will be displayed on the LARTE shield on the LARTE Design custom vehicles.