Jasper Engines and Transmissions has announced the following changes to its production leadership team.
David Burbidge has been named General Manager of Jasper Innovative Solutions (JIS). David has worked with JASPER for the past seven years in a consulting role, and has worked extensively in the areas of Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, and Materials Management. David will become a full-time Associate-Owner of JASPER and will work with our JIS team from the Crawford County, Indiana, Facility.
Luke Bawel has been named Division Manager of our Power Drive Transmission Division. Luke has been with JASPER for ten years and has served as the General Manager of JIS and Vice President of Jasper Innovative Logistics. In addition to his role as JASPER Power Drive Transmission Manager, Luke will continue as a member of JASPER’s Executive Team.
Sara Schmidt will join our Production Control Team as Production Control Manager. Sara has led our Power Drive Transmission Division the past four years, and successfully led the transition of transmission manufacturing into the Power Drive Facility. Sara’s new role will focus specifically on scheduling, core buying, parts buying, and coordination with our logistics teams.
“Thank you to all of these great JASPER leaders for their contributions, and for their willingness to take on new responsibilities,” said Zach Bawel, JASPER President/Chief Operating Officer. “We are confident that their continued efforts will keep JASPER growing and thriving.”