RAM, Ford F-150 models get upgraded Bluetooth, new tuner, better user interface, among new features
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, July 2, 2018 - LinksWell Inc., manufacturer of smart, integrated vehicle safety enhancements for the aftermarket, announced it is shipping two new versions of its flagship T-style multimedia centers. The T-Style RAM and T-Style F-150 (both MSRP $1995.00) have gained hardware and software enhancements to address connectivity issues with first-generation products as well as retain more factory features in the F-150.
LinksWell T-style multimedia centers fully replace the factory entertainment and climate control systems, providing a single integrated touch-screen interface from which all functions are accessed. In addition, the T-style units easily expand to provide more camera views than factory systems, along with DVR camera control to aid in driving and maneuvering. Thanks to its Android™-powered architecture and Wi-Fi capability, the T-style takes advantage of hundreds of apps-including Waze™, Pandora Radio®, Spotify®, SiriusXM® and Google Play Music™ -to make the drive safer and more entertaining.
The second-generation models fit the 2018 version of the RAM and 2017-2018 F-Series line. Both receive an upgraded tuner to match OEM specifications, minimizing signal drift in fringe areas. Bluetooth is also improved with an upgrade to version 4.0, resulting in longer range and a more reliable signal. The user interface (UI) of each model has been reimagined to allow simpler access to commonly used features and enable faster absorption of visual information.
The T-Style F-150 builds on these enhancements. It is fully compatible with the factory-installed, 360-degree camera system on select models. From a design perspective, its bezel now accommodates the new array of up to six buttons located above the factory display, enabling drivers to retain access to ambient lighting and massage seat controls. An optional integration package allows compatibility with the factory-installed Bang and Olufsen audio system found on premium models. Regardless of factory options, the T-style F-150 will accommodate all late-model F-Series trim levels.
While other manufacturers produce units similar in design to the T-style multimedia centers, the similarity ends at the outer casing. T-style units feature custom hardware and software enhancements developed by in-house engineers that allow the units to reliably integrate with factory data and climate control systems. Each unit is thoroughly tested in actual installations from LinksWell's headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
"Truthfully, we've had some difficulty in communicating a message that differentiates our products from imitators due to the visual similarities," said Walt Detlefsen, national sales manager for LinksWell. "But the introduction of these two models, with more to come, speaks for itself. With the dedication of our engineering and R&D teams, as well as feedback from our dealer base and their installers, we are constantly working to improve our product and deliver the best possible usage experience for drivers.”
Both new models will ship in July. For more information, visit www.linkswellinc.com, or contact Walt Detlefsen at (909) 375-0631 or walt@linkswellinc.com.
About LinksWell
Backed by more than 25 years of automotive electronics engineering, LinksWell delivers in-vehicle safety, entertainment and integration products that feel and function like factory-installed components. Our goal is to enhance the driving experience with seamless solutions that add to the existing complement of driver features. LinksWell is a subsidiary of Sintegrate, a worldwide manufacturer of OEM Integration components with facilities in China, Europe and the U.S. Sintegrate engineers, develops and builds products in-house with a dedicated team of data bus hardware and software personnel. LinksWell’s offices and shipping origin are headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Contact us at (909) 375-0633 or info@linkswellinc.com.