Total Seal® has announced new applications for their renowned Gapless® technology high performance piston ring sets for diesel engines. With their extremely high cylinder pressures, the benefits of Gapless® rings for diesel engines are even greater than they are for gas. By eliminating the excessive blow-by characteristics common to diesel engines, Total Seal® Gapless® second rings help these engines unleash their full potential, turning them into true horsepower and torque monsters.

Total Seal® Gapless® Piston Ring Sets for diesel applications provide:
• Better sealing & less friction, greater cranking pressure, more boost - delivered quicker, increased horsepower & torque and greatly reduced oil contamination, along with cooler running engine oil.
• From street performance to full on competition, or even industrial applications, any diesel engine will greatly benefit from purpose made Total Seal® Gapless® Piston Ring Sets.

Applications include:
Dodge Trucks:
• 5.9 L Cummins 1988-2008 (part number S4194)
• 6.7L Cummins 2007-2017 (part number S2785)
Ford Trucks:
• 6.0L 03-10 (part number S4914)
• 6.4L 08-10 (part number S1475)
• 6.7L 11-15 (part number S3585)
• 7.3L Navistar 1989-1995 (part number S1474)
• 7.3L Navistar 1994-2004 (part number S2884)
GM Trucks:
• 6.6L Duramax 2001-10 (part number S9091)
• 6.6 L Duramax 2011-2017 (part numberS4216)

Complete information is available from:
Technical Line: (623) 587-7400