Statesville, NC, June 06, 2018 - The LS-swap is as popular as ever with Jeep Wrangler JK owners. It’s a relatively simple way to make modern, reliable V8 power. Now to make that swap even more friendly, Kooks Headers and Exhaust introduces complete header and exhaust kits for the LS-swapped ’07-‘18+ Jeep Wrangler JK.
The Kooks Headers and Exhaust long-tube headers are designed to provide clearance and finish off your swap with a clean look. Not to mention, the additional power. Kits are engineered to fit the RPM Extreme and Motech LS-Jeep-Swap kits.
Kooks Headers and Exhaust LS-Swap Jeep Wrangler JK kits will work with other LS conversion kits, but may require additional parts and fabrication. Depending on your application, cat-back systems and headers/connections-only are also available. The headers feature 3-inch female swivel seal connections, for additional flexibility when building custom exhaust or using the Kooks Headers and Exhaust kit.
Kits are available with high-flow race catalytic converters or the patented GREENCATS. The ultra-high performance GREENCATS are designed to lower emissions and can withstand up to 900 hp and 1500 degrees of exhaust gas temperature. GREENCATS come with a two-year limited warranty and race catalytic converters include a one-year limited warranty. Non-catalytic converter connections, designed for racing applications, are also available.
• The complete kit provides easy installation
• Additional clearance for tight-fitting LS engines
• Extensive R&D invested in system
• Available in three y-pipe options
Please note, GREENCATS are highly recommended for any forced-induction applications, and the use of high-flow race catalytic converters on forced-induction applications will void Kooks Headers and Exhaust catalytic-converter warranty.
The necessary installation hardware is provided in kits, including header gaskets, clamps and Stage 8 locking bolts (where applicable). Exhaust kits are available now at or through a Kooks Headers and Exhaust dealer. Visit for more information.

For the past 56 years, Kooks Headers and Exhaust has built a sterling reputation in the performance aftermarket and racing industry for its relentless dedication to quality, performance and innovation. All Kooks Headers and Exhaust products are hand assembled to the highest quality possible, with all exhaust tubing and flanges built in-house using aircraft-quality 304 stainless steel. All piping is pre-polished to provide a sheen which separates Kooks Headers and Exhaust from the competition. Kooks Headers and Exhaust products are proudly made in America.