SPA Turbo 4.3L GM Exhaust/Turbo Manifolds Simi Valley, CA - With more than 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing high-end racing components for its home market, SPA Turbo is turning its focus to the U.S. One of its first U.S.-dedicated products is a set of 4.3L GM Vortec exhaust manifolds that not only serve to replace the commonly cracked manifolds for both standard and turbocharged engines, but as the foundation to turbocharge these engines. With these SPA Turbo manifolds you can turbocharge your existing 4.3L S-10, El Camino or Astro Van -building your own versions of the rare, but wickedly fast GMC Syclone and Typhoon trucks and SUVs.
Precision cast from high-quality, nodular cast iron, SPA Turbo added a universal T3, T4 and wastegate V-band flange in the original Syclone turbo location. SPA Turbo also offers several T3 and T4 turbochargers and various turbo components necessary to create your own 4.3L turbo kit. These manifolds feature superior nodular iron and additional reinforcement in critical areas compared to O.E. manifolds. The manifold set includes V-band flanges and clamps so that you can easily fabricate your own crossover pipe that connects the manifolds to fit your particular application.
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