DiabloSport has announced the Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity Booster. Amp'd is the ultimate upgrade when you're looking for a more responsive driving experience without breaking the bank. Amp'd is extremely simple to install with a simple connection to the factory throttle position sensor. With Amp'd, you're minutes away from a "seat of the pants" performance gain and a much more enjoyable ride.
The Amp'd kit does not require any tampering with your vehicle's computer. There is no need for cutting or splicing wires. The included Amp'd harness provides a simple plug-n-play connection to the throttle position sensor. Amp'd is loaded with coverage including big movers like Mustang, Charger, Sierra, Silverado, Ram truck and more! Equip your customers with performance at an amazing value with Amp'd.
Amp'd is compatible with all kinds vehicles, but the 2015+ Dodge/Ram/Chrysler/Jeep® are perfect vehicles to benefit from the Amp'd kit's simplicity. These vehicles require PCM modifications in order to tune, however, Amp'd doesn't require any PCM unlock or labor under the hood. You can simply plug this kit in under the dash and you're set. Amp'd provides a way that you can finally add performance to your Challenger, Charger, Ram or Jeep® without a PCM swap or modification. Amp’d is also a perfect complement to vehicles that are already using a performance tuning product. Performance, responsiveness, and overall drivability improvements are minutes away with Amp'd!
Amp'd Key Features:
• Improves Throttle Sensitivity
• Faster Acceleration from a stop, and throughout the RPM band
• Reduces the "laggy" pedal feeling
• Quicker spool-up
• Optimize driving in town and on the highway
• Compatible several late model applications with no PCM swap required
• Pairs with any DiabloSport programmer or monitor
• Select Your Throttle Responsiveness
The Amp'd Switch unlocks even more potential in your vehicle with the addition of 6 total modes ranging from Stock to 400% improvement in responsiveness. The switch enables on-the-fly adjustment between the 6 levels so you can turn it up whenever the mood strikes. Customize throttle responsiveness with the Amp'd throttle booster switch today!
Switch options and features:
• Push button control
• 6-modes
• Stock, Low-50%, Medium-75%, High-100%, Valet, and 400% "Wow Mode"
• Amp'd can be used with any DiabloSport tuning product simultaneously.
Remember, DiabloSport offers two versions of this product line:
1) Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity Booster (2 Power Levels)
2) Amp'd Throttle Sensitivity Booster with Control Switch (6 Power Levels)
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