Australian formulation technology PBR Brake pads are once again available to the North American marketplace. Now available direct online for DIY and DIFM overnight deliveries at PBR offers an excellent selection of brake friction formulations to suit a wide range of vehicles and driving styles. Choosing the correct PBR formula for your particular vehicle and style of driving is critical to optimizing your brake system performance. FMP’s Australian based engineering team carefully develops, tests, and approves every friction compound to ensure optimal stopping performance throughout the life of the brake pad.
PBR Deluxe Advanced
Ceramic based, user friendly formula designed for standard city and freeway braking.
PBR XBG Heavy Duty
Designed for frequent high temperature braking, off-road ready.
Designed for high performance European vehicles that require sport performance and hard braking.
PBR Street Road Track (SRT)
Designed for extreme high performance. For serious performance vehicles and drivers.
PBR Brand Brake Pads will change the way you think about braking. No matter what you drive, or how you drive, PBR offers premium quality and reasonably priced brake pad formulations that provide the best combination of stopping power and outstanding attributes. All formulations are engineered by Friction Materials Pacific Australia Pty. Ltd. (FMP Group Asia Pacific) and manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing sites. All PBR pads are OE pedigree formulations and built to internationally recognized standards.
Ordering is simple on desktop and mobile versions of the site. We know what works on American roads and highways. PBR products are recognized world-wide as the “go-to” disc pad for all import and domestic vehicle needs. For complete details and to order, visit