Formerly Turbo by Garrett, historic brand changes its name and expands its product offerings
Torrance, CA, May, 2017 - The Garrett name which has been synonymous with turbocharging for more than 60 years in high-performance and aftermarket circles, has been rebranded Honeywell Garrett to reflect the full global portfolio of Honeywell engineering technologies which have been driving the historic brand for the past 20 years.
Turbo By Garrett, the longtime industry-leading brand of turbochargers for automotive and industrial applications is now Honeywell Garrett across all global regions. The rebranding changes only how the portfolio of replacement and performance turbochargers goes to market. Its existing Honeywell engineering and development teams which have been responsible for some of the most exciting innovations in turbocharger technology during the past several decades remains intact. The Honeywell Garrett brand will continue to supply the independent and performance aftermarket with high-quality turbochargers while drawing upon the full resources of Honeywell Aerospace and Honeywell Transportation Systems.
Garrett got its start in Los Angeles in 1936 in a small storefront on the now-famous Melrose Avenue. Founding company president, John ‘Cliff’ Garrett, started the firm to conduct research into pressurized cabins for passenger flight. The company developed the pressurized cabin system for the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, the first bomber so-equipped for high altitude flight.
In the 1950s, Garrett was asked to lead a development team in applying aerospace technology to an off-highway need from the Caterpillar Company for one of its earth movers. After a successful launch of the industry’s first automotive turbocharger, the parent company spun off the turbo business off into what would become Garrett Automotive. Garrett Turbos powered the first production turbocharged car, the Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbo as well as the Corvair Monza Turbo, the first turbocharged car to ever win at Indianapolis, the first turbo car to win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the first mass production turbo for diesel engines with the Mercedes-Benz 300SD.
Garrett became part of the Honeywell corporation when its parent company, Allied-Signal acquired the Honeywell brand in 1999 and changed its name to Honeywell to take advantage of that company’s superior brand recognition. Honeywell Garrett has been behind some of the largest advances in turbocharging technology in the world such as variable geometry turbochargers, also known as Variable Nozzle Technology (VNT) which allows the vanes of the compressor side of the turbo to pivot to the optimum angle for any given turbo speed. Honeywell Garrett also holds the patent for single-cartridge, dual ball bearing technology which allows a turbo to spin much more freely, reducing the boost threshold.
“It is important for us as a company to project a unified front to both our industrial customers and our aftermarket and enthusiast customers,” said Eric Fraysse, Vice President and general manager, Aftermarket Honeywell Transportation Systems. “This rebrand allows us to do just that while providing the same levels of quality and innovation that our clients around the world have come to expect.”
Honeywell Garrett’s second generation to its extremely popular line of GTX-series turbos utilizes a great of aerospace-derived technology and experience to markedly increase the horsepower range of its series of turbos as well as reduce undesirable things such as boost creep and spool-up time. Standard features of the Garrett GTX Series Gen II lineup include water-cooled center housing rotating assemblies, ceramic ball bearings for additional responsiveness, new high-flow compressor housings, a fully machined compressor housing inlet, ported shroud, and outlet, and several options for turbine housings to ensure proper installation.
“The Garrett GTX Gen II series of turbochargers is our most significant update in almost a decade. We are using advanced technology made available by our Honeywell Aerospace business to help design and manufacture turbo solutions that have made Honeywell a performance turbocharging leader for more than 60 years,” said Fraysse.
The new GTX Gen II lineup is backward-compatible and completely interchangeable with first GTX GEN I products and even Garrett’s standard GT product line. In addition to the performance upgrades, the finish of the castings has also been updated to be more uniform reflecting the quality in the product.