Add strong lift points and extra rigidity to the S550 Mustang with bolt-on Chassis Jacking Rails from BMR Suspension. Jacking the car on the pinch welds can easily damage the pinch welds and floor pans, eventually causing panel misalignment. Built from heavy-duty 1x 2-inch boxed tubing, BMR’s Chassis Jacking Rails are designed to give you a rock-solid jacking or jack stand point for your 2015-newer Mustang. BMR Chassis Jacking Rails (CJR002) ensure the pinch welds and floor of the car don’t get damaged from lifting the car. These are also designed to give the maximum amount of clearance. This allows you to get most jacks under the car, even if it’s lowered. BMR Suspension designed the bolt-on Chassis Jacking Rails for any application. These 100% bolt-on jacking rails use existing boltholes and hardware, allowing for easy installation with simple hand tools. With BMR’s jacking rails, the entire side of the car can be easily jacked up from one jacking location. These jacking rails also add strength to the chassis by reducing flex. Installation time is about 1 hour. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!
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