Coverking Molded Seat Covers
Anaheim, CA - Coverking® takes seat cover technology to the next level with the industry’s first Molded Seat Cover. Manufactured using precise 3D scanning, Coverking® can create a perfect replica of every subtle curve and contour of the vehicle’s factory seat and produce a seat cover that fits so well, it appears to be molded to the original seat cushions.
Aside from providing a fresh new look and additional protection for the upholstery in your vehicle, the Coverking® Molded Seat Cover is designed so it doesn’t require seams or additional stitching that cause wear-points that can come apart over time. The Coverking® Molded Seat Cover is the company’s revolutionary technology that can give any vehicle the look of new or original upholstery, while protecting the factory seat underneath.
Available for a wide variety of popular year, make and model vehicles, Coverking® Molded Seat Covers are easy to install and feature a mesh polyester outer layer that’s water resistant, breathable, and protects the factory upholstery from harmful UV rays. Underneath is a foam laminate that provides extra comfort and overall support which help give Coverking® Molded Seat Covers a two-year repair/replace warranty. These seat covers are currently available in Black, Gray, and Taupe colors to match most popular vehicle interior colors.
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