Engine displacement. Airplane seating. Movie popcorn. Much like everything in life, more is often better. Increased size shouldn't always arrive at a higher price, which is why our new Mothers® California Gold® Clay Kit Value Pack includes two 100 gram, bonus-sized clay bars, at no extra cost. The larger bars add even more value than our original Clay Bar System.
Why Clay?
Every day, harmful contaminants embed and accumulate on the surface of your vehicle, causing serious damage if left unattended. Traditional washing and polishing are not enough to rid your paint of these destructive elements. Mothers® clay bars shear-off and remove tree sap, embedded grains of metal, airborne environmental deposits like pollen and paint overspray. Better yet, our clay bars aren't hazardous to your paint—they're just firm enough to pick up the bad stuff, without being too aggressive. They're uniquely capable of safely removing the microscopic nits and bits that destroy fine automotive finishes. Simply put, Mothers® Clay Kit gets rid of paint fouling grime, and leaves your car's surface perfectly clean, smooth-as-glass and ready for waxing.
Mothers® California Gold® Clay Kit Value Pack #07240 includes two (2) 100 gram clay bars, a 16 oz. California Gold® Instant Detailer, and a 16" x 16" microfiber towel.
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