Colmar, PA - Dorman has announced the recent release of a new type of Window Regulator Assembly, known as an Integrated Window Control Assembly (or IWCA). These convenient plug-and-play assemblies offer a complete fix for late model applications impacted by the inclusion of a complex electronic smart motor into conventional window regulator assembly designs by the OEM. Dorman’s IWCAs include a Window Regulator and Smart Window Lift Motor that contains a printed circuit board (PCB), microcontroller, and embedded software. Dorman’s circuit boards and embedded software were designed to entirely restore all original advanced window functions such as anti-pinch, auto up/down, global open, and more where applicable. Dorman has invested heavily in developing its product development team, extensive testing processes, remote data logging, and vehicle try-ons to ensure consistent performance and direct-fit functionality.
To date, Dorman has released over 40 Integrated Window Control Assemblies that combine to offer coverage for greater than 10 million of the most popular late model vehicles on the road today. In the coming months, Dorman will introduce even more IWCAs to keep pace with growing Aftermarket demand for replacements. In addition to exciting new IWCA technology, Dorman has already introduced over 240 Window Regulators and Assemblies in the first quarter of 2017, increasing its market-leading coverage to over 95% of all of the serviceable vehicles on North American roads today.
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