Engine Pro has introduced its first line of diesel performance engine parts with the introduction of its camshafts and valves for Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins Engines. Engine Pro Diesel Performance Camshafts are made in the U.S.A. and are designed to maximize the performance of diesel engines within the O.E.M. rpm limits. The opening and closing valve events and lobe ramp design are modified resulting in more power and better fuel economy. Other benefits include reduced turbo lag, faster spooling and more efficient boost. No piston change or valve relief machining is necessary for these camshafts and they may be used with stock or ported heads.
Engine Pro Nitro Black Diesel Performance Valves are designed to perform reliably in the extreme conditions that exist in highly boosted turbo diesel engines. Bi-metallic exhaust valves are made from inconel and HNV-3 alloys and are stellite faced to operate under extreme heat conditions. Intake valves are made from 21-4N alloy steel. Both intake and exhaust valves are put through Engine Pro’s proprietary five step liquid nitriding process, resulting in valves that are smoother, stronger and more corrosion resistant than traditional chrome plated stainless valves. The nitriding process gives the valves better ductility beneath the extremely hard magnetite outer layer and makes the valves less likely to break, even if contacted by a piston.
The diesel performance valves carry the Nitro Black label, which is the designation reserved by Engine Pro for its premium high-end performance products. Many of these products incorporate technologies only available in the most advanced performance products available.
The Engine Pro line of diesel performance engine parts are available from automotive machine shops, engine rebuilders and select jobbers served by 36 distribution centers throughout the United States and Australia.