Stow, OH - Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels has added a new tire to the popular Deegan 38 product line. The highly anticipated Deegan 38 All-Terrain (A/T) tire is available in 33 sizes within the 15- to 22-inch range for light truck, SUV and 4x4 applications, as well as light truck Metric sizes with increased towing capacity.
Developed with racing icon Brian Deegan, the Deegan 38 A/T is the ultimate all-terrain tire, featuring aggressive styling and responsive handling.
"The Deegan 38 A/T is the perfect addition to the Deegan 38 lineup," said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson. "From the tread compound to the SideBiters® design, we've given attention to every detail to make this one of the most impressive all-terrain tires we offer."
The tread design of the Deegan 38 A/T features a silica-reinforced compound and special siping for increased traction, superior cut- and chip-resistance, and excellent handling and braking in wet and off-road conditions.
Tread edge chamfers and variable draft angles resist stone retention, while tread element tie bars enhance stability and responsiveness on changing road conditions. Angled shoulder scallops and aggressive two-pitch SideBiters® improve traction.
The new Deegan 38 A/T line features an industry-leading 60,000-mile (P-metric) and 55,000-mile (light truck Metric sizes) Limited Tread Wear Warranty.
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