Premium Quality, USA Designed and Engineered, and Independently Lab Tested to be the Safest and Most Reliable on the Market
Westampton, NJ - Weego, innovators of portable jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, today announced the launch of the full line of versatile, multi-purpose batteries to jump start vehicles in every engine size and for every budget. Guaranteeing peace of mind for moms to mechanics and boaters to trail riders, the new N-Series products are premium-quality tools, fit for anyone at any time.
“Today, we don’t have time to flag down a stranger, stand by for a service call or wait for a phone recharge,” said Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “With the latest Weego N-Series, you can get any engine up and running again on any budget - from cars, ATVs and boats to the trucks that pull them - in no time and they're guaranteed to work when it counts. If it rolls or floats, Weego can jump it. But we also know that people want convenience features built into products to increase their usability. Weego does that, too.”
The N-Series includes four levels of independently lab-tested jump starters that provide the power your vehicle needs to get back on the road or in the water. Several N-Series products come complete with tactical-grade flashlights and also bring your phone, tablet, laptop or other accessories back to life via 5V USB, 12V and 19V outputs.
Packed with durable, high-quality components and backed by a crazy-long 18-month warranty, the N-Series line is designed and engineered right here in the United States at a quality and price point that ensures maximum value. Each product includes ergonomic, patented Smarty Clamps®, jump starter clamps that incorporate sight and sound cues to guide you through the jumping process, making them not only the easiest to use but also the safest.
N-Series Products and Features:
• N66 - Most powerful - for big gas engines up to 10L (diesel up to 5L). Powers phones, tablets and other portable devices, including 12V and 19V electronics; 600-lumen dual LED flashlight, IP65 rated. SRP $199.99.
• N44 - Most popular - for gas engines up to 7L (diesel up to 3.5L). Powers phones, tablets and other portable devices, including 12V and 19V electronics; 500-lumen dual LED flashlight, IP65 rated. SRP $149.99.
• N22 - Most efficient - for gas engines up to 5L (diesel up to 2.5L). Powers phones; 250-lumen dual LED flashlight, IP65 rated. SRP $99.99.
• N22s - Most affordable - for gas engines up to 5L (diesel up to 2.5L), SRP $69.99.
Unlike competitive jump starters, Weego guarantees products will perform as promised. Amp readings are verified, engine compatibilities are tried and true, and lumen specs are accurate. With no governing agency to verify portable-power product specifications, trust in brands is critical to ensure safety. Weego is a brand that users can trust.
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About Weego
Weego is a brand of portable power products including compact, lightweight, lithium-polymer jump starters for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more, complementary jump starter accessories, as well as rechargeable battery packs that charge phones, tablets, speakers, and more. Founded in 2014 by Paris Corporation, Weego has already received awards in product innovation and branding excellence in consumer electronics, auto, outdoor, marine and office supply channels. For more than 50 years, Paris Corporation has built a reputation on quality products and excellent service and support, serving more than 30 years in the food, drug, mass, consumer electronics and hardware channels. To learn more about Paris Corporation, please visit