It is a common practice in the aftermarket to replace the stock rubber upper control arm bushings with solid or two piece polyurethane bushings to resolve the shortcomings of the compliant factory rubber bushings. Hard polyurethane bushings eliminate wheel hop, reduce axle deflection, and improve rear straight line grip. However, the downside of common aftermarket bushings such as delrin, steel, stiffer rubber, solid or two piece polyurethane bushings is that they prevent the necessary movement of the control arms during body roll, which in turn produces significant binding in the suspension when the vehicle is cornering.
Polyurethane bushings also place unnecessarily high stresses on the upper control arm body mounts, which are the attachment points for the upper control arms to the chassis. Standard aftermarket control arms do not allow for rotation of the control arm during cornering because of the stiffness of the polyurethane bushings. J&M Spherical Bushings eliminate the disadvantages and have significant advantages beyond other available products that do not incorporate all these improved design features.
Features and Benefits:
• Lifetime warranty (to original owner)
• 52100 heat treated steel/hard chrome plated ball
• Bearing race is heat treated 4340 chrome moly steel
• Bearing liner is attached with a thin sintered bronze wire net impregnated with PTFE powder, same as modern ball joints
• Increased traction, reduced axle hop
• Reduces snap oversteer, quicker vehicle reaction times
• Creates more predictable straight line handling and when cornering
• New 10.9 hardware included
• Fits 1979-2004 GT, Mach 1, Bullitt, Cobra V8, with 8.8 and 7.5 rear ends. Does not work with IRS
J&M Products, 275 Tank Farm Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401