The Malco Conformable Sander is a re-usable sanding block that holds a hand-pressed contour. The unique block design can be set and re-set to match autobody contours throughout the sanding operation without damage to the abrasive paper. A unique segmented block design quickly conforms to surface geometry, down to an 8-1/2 inch inside block radius, to produce convex, concave or S-curve contours. An internal aluminum memory bar holds the desired contour shape in place.
The Conformable Sander uses standard 2-3/4 inch (70 mm) wide hook and loop abrasive paper. Attaching the paper to the block’s flexible slide-interface is easy. The slide accepts standard paper roll, tear-off increments. There is no need to reposition the paper, change the block contour or remove the slide when changing out the grit or replacing worn paper. Just line up the paper along a short edge of the slide and hand smooth on the loop-backed paper to the hooked surface of the slide. The contour of the segmented block can be set and re-set as necessary, and the paper installed on the movable slide will not buckle or tear. And the generous contoured gripping area of the block reduces fatigue and makes it easy to apply even sanding pressure can be applied over the auto body surface.
Both the engineered polymer block, and slide, are impervious to shop solvents and will not mar or scratch the auto body surface. The Malco Conformable Sander is available in 5-inch and 8-inch lengths. Replacement paper-slides, for each model, are available in handy 3-packs.
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