AutoMeter Proudly Introduces the Diesel Tach Adapter
The AutoMeter Diesel Tach Adapter has been the #1 most requested accessory from diesel enthusiasts. Until now, there has never been an easy way to install an aftermarket tachometer on diesel applications. This innovative device isn't limited to just diesel applications though, it's an ideal solution for any vehicle equipped with an alternator that needs an accurate tach signal. The installation process is incredibly simple and warranty friendly. The Diesel Tach Adapter utilizes a small pick up probe that is strapped to the outside of the vehicle's alternator and inductively reads its rotation. Using the easy, one touch calibration process, the module converts that signal to a 12v square wave signal that any AutoMeter tachometer can use. A true breakthrough in diesel performance products, the Diesel Tach Adapter is available now through AutoMeter authorized retailers and with a street price under $130.
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