New Product Line Offers Extreme Durability with Proprietary Synerlec ® and Synslide ® Technologies; Supplements Popular Duralec ® Commercial Product Line
Porter, TX - Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple® today introduced its new Commercial and Fleet Vehicle product line, offering superior performance for a variety of commercial applications. This new line of heavy-duty products is Royal Purple’s toughest line yet and was developed with various Royal Purple technologies including Synerlec® and Synslide® for increased durability. The Commercial and Fleet Vehicle product line is specially formulated for fleet applications including: tractors, construction vehicles, over-the-road trucking, mining, agriculture and off-road fleet vehicles.
Designed to supplement its popular Duralec® line of commercial-grade motor oils, gear oils and transmission fluids, Royal Purple’s Commercial and Fleet Vehicle products offer a complete commercial-grade fluids package. Select products are formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® and Synslide® technologies to increase overall performance. Synerlec® offers unmatched lubricity and film strength that increases under stress and resists oxidation. Synslide® is noncorrosive to gears and bearings and is engineered to provide maximum lubricant performance under difficult conditions, such as extreme weight or shock loading.
“We’re proud to introduce our new Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Product Line formulated with Royal Purple’s Synerlec® and Synslide® technologies,” said Debby Neubauer, Royal Purple Vice President of Marketing. “When this line was created, our goal was to better equip fleet vehicles for the frequent wear and tear they encounter, the products offer high levels of protection for the vehicles.”

In addition to Royal Purple’s Duralec® products, the full Commercial and Fleet Vehicle product line includes:

Syndraulic® Fluid
32 - 46 - 68
Royal Purple’s Syndraulic is a clean, long-lived, high-efficiency hydraulic fluid designed to increase hydraulic system reliability and longevity along with a variety of other benefits.

Syntractor® III
Universal Tractor Fluid with Synerlec®
Syntractor III is high film strength, multi-purpose tractor fluid for numerous tractor applications, and is recommended for tractors with a common fluid reservoir for transmission, hydraulics and brakes. A Winter Grade variant is also available for cold climates.

Diesel Fuel Additive
Max-Tane provides cetane boost, anti-gel, powerful detergency, and lubrication for the entire diesel fuel system. It is suitable for light and heavy duty use, and is compatible with all grades of diesel and biodiesel fuels.

Purple Ice® HD
Heavy Duty Cooling System Optimizer
Royal Purple’s Purple Ice HD coolant supplement helps prevent cavitation and cylinder wall erosion, increases heat transfer through the cooling system, and provides outstanding corrosion protection.

Ultra Performance® Grease
NLGI #2 Grease featuring Synslide®
A multi-purpose EP #2 grease intended for bearing and chassis lubrication. Formulated with proprietary SynSlide high film strength additive technology, UPG is an excellent choice for wheel bearings, u-joints and lubricated chassis points.

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