Camarillo, CA - When a project dictates that “off-the-shelf” just won’t do, Wilwood Colored Calipers provide the right finishing touch to those one-of-a-kind builds. Combine twenty four colors, including our signature gloss black and competition red, with a choice of black, silver, white, red or blue Wilwood logos. Wilwood’s proprietary five step coating process, including two separate curing stages, assures a durable and uniform finish. Additionally, the specially formulated powders create a heat and brake fluid resistant finish. Colored Calipers can be special ordered with kits, or in sets of nearly every caliper Wilwood manufactures.
Not sure which caliper and logo combination would look the best? Now it's easy to mix-and-match all the color options available with the Wilwood Caliper Customizer. Visit to build and preview your Colored Caliper.
About Wilwood Disc Brakes
Founded by Bill Wood in 1977, Wilwood Engineering expertly designs and manufactures high-performance disc brakes and components from their headquarters in Camarillo, California. Engineered and rigorously tested for any application, Wilwood brakes provide unsurpassed quality and performance with sleek, modern designs. From race cars to classic cars, Wilwood has the brakes to stop you. For more information, visit