Get the adjustability of air for a Slammed Stance and Softer Ride
LANSING, MI - Air Lift Performance Dominator Series air springs allow you to easily achieve the slammed stance you want, whether you're driving a Rat Rod, a full-frame truck or a street rod, all without the harsh ride quality often experienced with lowered coils. Offering fast and easy height adjustments, the Dominator Series enables you to smoothly drop your vehicle into a slam stance, all the while easily clearing speed bumps on the fly, at the touch of a button.
Demonstrating the quality and performance that Air Lift Performance air suspensions are known for, the Dominator Series boasts a 600 PSI capacity, which offers strength and versatility across many applications, and has been used for commercial applications. The series includes the Dominator 2500 (part #58343) with a height range of 5..5" - 7.5" and 7.7" usable stroke, and the Dominator 2600 (part #58616) with a 6-9" height range and a 9.7" usable stroke, which enables larger vehicles to not only get the slammed look they expect, but to also easily tuck the tire for their desired stance.
The Dominator Series provides the best possible ride quality, with the added benefit of the aggressive show stance that only air can provide. With on-board control, road hazards are no longer a problem. Lift the vehicle up to clear a speed bump or get easy access to your trailer, then lay it back down for your preferred stance.
Pair Dominator Series air springs with the Air Lift Performance 3H(tm) height + pressure control system, which features a combination of pressure and height sensing technology. With height sensors at each corner, the 3H system is able to achieve the correct height without radical differences in pressure. With up to five presets on the full color controller and free mobile app, you can take full control of your vehicle, even when your vehicle is off, continuing to control the air management from your own device or via the controller in "show mode".
"The Dominator Series combined with the 3H digital control system is ideal for those who expect a high quality product to drive their vehicle daily, yet be able to go to a show and effortlessly lay it down low," said Air Lift Performance Marketing Manager Devin Pringle.
Like all Air Lift Performance air suspension kits, the Dominator air springs are rigorously tested for strength and durability in Air Lift's hydraulic engineering lab. The Air Lift Performance 3H control system is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

About Air Lift Performance
Air Lift Performance, a division of Air Lift Company, features air suspension and control system kits for European, Modern Muscle, hot rod and Japanese performance vehicles. Air Lift Company is the premier global supplier and manufacturer of aftermarket air suspension products. For more information, contact the performance division by calling (800) 248-0892, or on the Web at