AAPEX Booth #4633
Enhanced synthetic oils and synthetic blends begin shipping in November
Houston, Texas - Phillips 66 Lubricants introduces Shield-a new passenger car motor oil line formulated for all driving conditions. Shield has seven unique formulations to cover most every car on the road. The maximum protection of a full synthetic, the value of a synthetic blend, and the durability of a synthetic blend high-mileage oil are just a few of the highlights in this complete automotive line.
“Shield rounds out the Phillips 66 automotive line of greases, gear oil and automotive transmission fluids so that our product offerings now cover every automotive need,” said Bryan Faria, manager of finished lubricants for Phillips 66 Lubricants. “We want to ensure our distributors can count on one brand, Phillips 66, to deliver all their lubricant needs.”
The Shield name is derived from one of the brand’s most valued assets - the highly-recognized Phillips 66 shield-shaped logo. The new packaging and formulations embody the qualities customers value in oil: protection, strength, and confidence. The distinctive silver bottles have been upgraded as well for stronger shelf presence to differentiate from the competition, and represent the strength of the high-quality motor oil.

The new Shield product line includes new names for each tier:

FULL SYNTHETIC - Shield Valor; Shield Armor; Shield Euro-Tech
The highest levels of wear protection and overall performance for engines make a full synthetic the ideal option for most vehicles. Shield Valor 5W-30 is formulated and approved to the updated 2015 dexos1™ specifications with added protection for GM direct injected gasoline engines with turbocharging.

SYNTHETIC BLEND - Shield Choice; Shield Defense
The synthetic blends are designed to provide the added performance and wear protection of a synthetic oil for anyone not ready to make the jump to a full synthetic. Shield Defense is designed for higher-mileage vehicles with 75,000+ miles, and is also recommended for use in lower-mileage vehicles, including new cars under warranty.

RE-REFINED - Shield Firebird™
The perfect option for the eco-conscious driver, and a great way to care for your car and your planet in the same oil change.

CONVENTIONAL - Shield Classic
The recommended lubricant for late-model vehicles requiring a 20W-50 viscosity motor oil.

Shield launches in November and is available for order by retailers and service centers. Stop by Booth #4633 at AAPEX in Las Vegas, Nev., Nov. 1-3, 2016, to learn more about the new line from Phillips 66 Lubricants. For information on our products for agriculture, aviation, construction, earth moving, industrial, mining, rail, trucking and power generation, visit www.Phillips66Lubricants.com.
About Phillips 66 Lubricants
Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. With a portfolio of Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties businesses, the company processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and products globally. As one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers in the U.S., Phillips 66 Lubricants is known for manufacturing and marketing high-quality base oils and sophisticated formulations in three lubricant brands: Phillips 66®, Kendall® Motor Oil and Red Line® Synthetic Oil. These premier products reach across every key market sector, including automotive, trucking, agriculture, aviation, power generation, mining and construction. For more information, visit www.Phillips66Lubricants.com.