TECUMSEH, MI - A new partnership between steering products company ididit and NRG Innovations will have Sportsmen racers headed in the right direction. NRG’s steering wheel hubs and quick-releases will be integrated into ididit’s line of steering columns available to Sportsman racing enthusiasts in the off-road, closed-course, drag racing and autocross markets. NRG's steering wheels will also work with the setups as well. ididit’s newly released Pro-Lite column, which weighs just 6 pounds, is especially suited for weekend warriors, so the addition of the NRG adapter and steering wheel makes ididit’s Pro-Lite the perfect steering setup for Sportsmen.
“Combing the new Pro-Lite column with an NRG adapter and steering wheel means drivers will never have to sacrifice function for performance,” said Ted Keating of ididit when announcing the partnership. “And The quick-release options that NRG provides are attractive, well-designed and safe.”
NRG Innovations approached ididit a few years ago about working together after producing a hub adapter that fit one of the company’s steering columns, according to Wes Santamaria of NRG. When Keating visited the NRG booth at the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California, the basis for a new relationship was formed.
"The partnership between NRG Innovations and ididit will give Sportsman racers and weekend warriors more options when customizing their vehicles,” Wes Santamaria said. "The hub adapter will allow the user the flexibility to use any NRG Innovations or aftermarket steering wheel to match the aesthetic of their vehicle, and also give the user the option of installing an NRG Innovations quick-release that detaches the steering wheel from the hub."
Here’s a closer look at the three NRG products that will be part of the ididit collaboration:
Hub Adapter SRK-170H
This short hub adapter will easily attach to all ididit steering columns. These units were specially designed so that an aftermarket steering wheel installed with the quick-release kit still mounts in the same location, and not too close to the driver. The short hubs are made to work with an NRG quick-release; the hub fits over the shaft and requires a quick-release to perform the mount.
NRG’s next generation of quick-release units feature many options that conventional ball-lock quick-release systems don’t, including: specially designed raised sections to prevent the hub from stretching; a self-locking mechanism for ease of use and safety functions; and, as always, a variety of different colors and color combinations. The quick-releases are made from the highest-quality aircraft aluminum or powder-coated stainless steel for maximum durability, style and function.
Steering Wheels
NRG offers the largest variety of steering wheels, all of which are compatible with its short hubs and quick-releases with a 6-hole bolt pattern. The choice of many Formula D drivers, the wheels provide the best in quality and styling and are available in different sizes and designs. Choose a classy, smooth, luxury look, or go bold and sturdy for maximum control.
All ididit products are 100% American Made. For more information, visit www.ididitinc.com or call 517-424-0577. To learn more about ididit or their impressive new lineup of products, visit their brand-new SEMA booth: 22989.
To learn more about NRG Innovations, ATW, Inc. go to www.getnrg.com or email contact@getnrg.com. The company can also be reached at the following:
NRG Innovations, ATW, Inc
13668 Valley Blvd. #F-1
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