NEWTOWN, PA, Sept. 19, 2016 - NuShield, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has introduced the Triple A anti-glare screen protector to eliminate glare and allow drivers to read their GPS display while driving. At certain times of the day the sun glare on the display can be very annoying and make it impossible to read the information.
The NuShield Triple A® anti-glare film is placed over the display area and the film dramatically cuts down glare, allowing the resolution of the digital display to stand out and not be compromised. The NuShield film is cut precisely to size and installs easily. The slightly tacky backing holds the film to the display, but can be easily removed when necessary without leaving any adhesive residue. NuShield currently supports over 3,000 car models; all makes and models from 2004 up to 2016. If a particular model and year is not listed on the company website, NuShield will work with the driver to create a new size based on screen measurements provided by the driver without additional charge.
NuShield also offers the DayVue™ anti-reflective screen protector film for drivers who wear polarized sunglasses while driving. The circular polarization of the film allows the driver to read the display which is usually not visible when wearing these sunglasses.
Both films are just six mils thick and don't interfere with a device's touch-screen function. These include smartphones, tablets, handhelds, instruments, monitors and even television screens up to 80 inch diagonal. NuShield currently has film sizes for over 15,000 devices and new ones are added based on end-user requirements. The company sells directly to end users and works with manufacturers, distributors and resellers around the world. Further information about NuShield, its product line, company and technical information can be found on its website,