PORTLAND, OR, Sept. 20, 2016 - A popular Portland area businessman has published his first book to help the public look at the value of customer service in any industry as well as understand their vehicles and why maintenance is so important. The Smartest Investment on Four Wheels from Colossus Publishing is available at www.AccurateAuto.com and on Amazon.
Rick Kersey of Accurate Auto with three automotive service and repair shops located in Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Hillsboro, Oregon, started his career in the restaurant service industry and as a bartender. A failed marriage proposal led to his start in the automotive business in the early 1990s. From parts to service departments working for Portland's largest car dealers, Kersey learned from the bottom up how people want to be treated regarding their vehicles — and some of the biggest mistakes that they make regarding maintenance. He also paid attention to where dealers went wrong regarding customer service.
An entertaining read, The Smartest Investment on Four Wheels details the difference between a full-service shop and a quick lube, used luxury versus new cars, the catastrophic idea of mobile mechanics through Craigslist, and many of the overlooked services vehicles need which can lead to the shortened life of their engines.
The first Accurate Auto location opened in 2003 in Hillsboro followed in 2005 with Beaverton, and in 2009 Lake Oswego/Tualatin opened. Kersey is a firm believer that smaller is better when it comes to providing the best help for anyone who comes through the doors of his shops.
About Rick Kersey
In addition to his involvement in the business community, Kersey serves as a Coxswain in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary out of Portland. He commands a boat crew that performs Recreational Boat Safety and Search and Rescue missions. Outside of his family, Kersey's absolute pure love is being on the water and rescuing those in need. Kersey is married to his beautiful wife Nichole. They have children, ages 2 and 6. The most important thing that he wants to teach his children is that being the boss means that you work for your clients and employees — and that you'd better work your hardest for them all, equally.