• Brake bleed kit helps complete full system bleeds
• New kit includes adaptors that cover most vehicle brake systems
• Stores leftover fluid until proper disposal
WARREN, MI, - Actron today announces the new CP7840 Brake Bleed Kit for North America. The tool is designed to assist in completing various brake jobs that require a full system bleed, such as replacing a brake caliper, wheel cylinder, brake hose or line, or master cylinder. The CP7840 Brake Bleed Kit features:
• The capability to bleed brake fluid without spilling
• Includes adaptors for most vehicle brake systems, as well as the most common auto and light truck straight and angle adapters
• Removable caps to allow storage of leftover fluids
• For any brake job that requires a full system bleed, the kit provides peace of mind for a fast return to safe braking
For more information on the CP7840 Brake Bleed Kit or other Actron tools, visit www.Actron.com.