Earl’s transmission cooler adapters are manufactured from nickel plated steel so they are strong and won’t break off like other brand aluminum parts. These adapters allow the use of AN -6 cooler lines and are ideal for engine swaps where more flexibility is needed to clear the transmission tunnel or where the stock steel lines won’t fit your vehicle. These fittings feature a -6 AN male end to allow the use of AN style lines for your transmission cooler.
Always check the threads on your transmission before ordering, since they vary by application. Unlike NPT threads, NPSM threads are straight (not tapered) and use crush washers or O-rings to seal.
Features & Benefits:
• -6AN to 1/4"-18 NPSM or 9/16”-18 Threads (on Transmission Case) for a variety of applications
• Strong - Nickel Plated Steel for Long Lasting Strength
• Crush Washers or O-Ring Seals for a Precise Seal
• Styles Available for Most Common GM Automatic Transmissions
GM 4L80E Transmissions
GM4L80 transmissions came from the factory with one short (front) and one long (rear) cooler adapter (the longer rear fitting is required on the 4L80E for proper cooling and lubrication of the transmission). Check the thread size on your transmission before ordering. Sold Individually - order one short (front) and one long (rear) adapters.
Some 1997 & Later Transmissions use 1/4"-18 NPSM Threads.
Some 2009 & Later Transmissions use 9/16”-18 Threads.
• #961980ERL -6AN to 1/4"-18 NPSM w/ Crush Washer - Short (Front)
• #961981ERL -6AN to 1/4"-18 NPSM w/ O-Ring Seal - Long (Rear)
• #961980ERL -6AN to 9/16"-18 w/ Crush Washer - Short (Front)
• #961981ERL -6AN to 9/16"-18 w/ O-Ring Seal - Long (Rear)
GM TH350, TH400, 700R4, and 4L60 Transmissions
Most of these transmissions use 1/4"-18 NPSM threads. There could be some exceptions to this.
• #940006ERL -6AN to 1/4"-18 NPSM - 2 Per Package w/ Crush Washers
If you have any questions about this or any Earl’s product application, please contact their tech service department at 270-781-9741.