San Rafael, CA - Most gearheads know what happens to a CV (constant velocity) joint when the boot is torn or cracked. Before long, dirt, water or debris leaks in to the joint and causes damage that must be addressed as soon as possible. The CV joints play a critical role in connecting the transaxle to the drive wheels via inner and outer joints, transferring power while allowing for up and down motion of the suspension. But it’s not always a worn boot that causes CV joints to fail. When the bolts attaching the inner joint to the transaxle or the outer joint to the wheels fail, the condition of the CV boot is irrelevant.
Stage 8 Locking Fasteners, designers of the world’s most effective active mechanical locking systems, has answered the call of many frustrated drivers with their patented CV joint kits. These revolutionary kits can be installed on both the inner and outer CV joints, are easy to use, and provide real assurance against loose nuts or bolts by utilizing their proven technology. Stage 8’s locking retainer and spring clips, prevent a single degree of fastener loosening rotation, even in the harshest of operating conditions. The unique patented and trademarked functional design consists of three pieces: a bolt (4130 Alloy Steel), a locking retainer and a spring clip or, depending on the application, a nut, a locking retainer and a spring clip. The bolts are application specific as 12 point, USA or Metric, and all Stage 8 locking CV joint bolt kits are sold with all of the necessary hardware for individual applications.
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For 31 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has built the world’s best locking fasteners in a myriad of industries including automotive, industrial, railroad and military. Since 1985, Stage 8 has consistently delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures, especially header, exhaust and turbo applications.