Until now the new Lexus LX 570 body kit by LARTE Design was not much more than a pen & paper study - although the first sketches were very catchy for potential customers, indeed. Now, the amazing and mighty tuning kit is on sale and the first photo shooting has been done. Have a look at the many fascinating details and discover LARTE’s typical language of design.
The set will comprise new overlays for the original front and rear bumpers, which will make this Lexus even more impressing. For the front skirt, the parts are available in two sizes. The bigger set also features little spoilers and air vents, framing the standard boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights. The mesh is separated by horizontal protrusions, continuing the bars of the main radiator grille. Thus, the new LARTE styling is underlining the width of the car, making it look more dominant and self-assured. Moreover, you can add a very sporty three-part front splitter, which is available in the colour of the car or a contrasting tint.
At the rear, a series Lexus LX 570 looks elegant. However, for some people the car is all too clean and unpretentious from this perspective. LARTE Design brings interesting overlays for the rear bumper into effect. There are three types of pads available, which can be also painted in different colours. Moreover, there are also additional overlays for the sides of the car at the rear and a big central brake light. So every driver is invited to choose his or her personal style.
17921 Sky Park Circle, Building 28
Suite F, Irvine, California 92614