Memphis, TN - The most accurate way to achieve the proper torque and preload on connecting rod bolts and other fasteners is by measuring bolt stretch¸ and an easy-to-use Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge from COMP Cams® ensures proper clamping. Rod bolt stretch is the proper length a fastener needs to reach to ensure optimal clamping force.
This Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge from COMP Cams® features robust billet aluminum construction with a durable black anodized coating. Spherical points ensure precise, repeatable readings, and they adjust for both length and right- or left-side configurations. The tool measures rod bolts in increments of .0005 on an easy-to-read dial indicator. An additional tension spring offers firm clamping for consistent and correct measurements.
This tool is a “must” for anyone building engines.
About COMP Cams®
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