Now available for pre-order, Voyomotive's VOYO displays best in class connected car capabilities at booth #3422
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 - Voyomotive, LLC, engineers of the world's most advanced connected car technology, will be showcasing VOYO, a revolutionary quick-install controller and optional relays that change the way consumers interact with their cars at CES 2016, January 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Having just concluded its Kickstarter campaign in which over $90,000 was raised from approximately 700 backers, Voyomotive is pleased to announce that VOYO devices are now available for pre-order on and will be shipping in March 2016. Consumers who pre-order VOYO will receive a one-year free upgrade to Premium Pack Services, which is a $30 value.
"Since officially launching VOYO on October 21, 2015, we have been experiencing substantial interest in the product and what it means for the driver of tomorrow who still has the car of today," said Voyomotive's CEO, Peter Yorke. "We've received an abundance of positive recognition from both industry organizations and our prospected users via Kickstarter. We look forward to the road ahead and continuing to grow our product."
VOYO was the recipient of multiple awards at the 2015 SEMA show, including the 2015 SEMA Launch Pad Award, SEMA Global Media Award, and The Auto Care Association's (ACA) and Equipment and Tool Institute's (ETI) Aftermarket Telematics Challenge Award. Additionally, VOYO was named Runner-Up for Best New Packaging Design 2016 by SEMA.
Although cars feature dozens of computers generating gigabytes of data, there has not been a solution that fully leverages this data - until now. Located in the North Hall at booth #3422, visitors will learn how in just two minutes, a user can connect VOYO hardware and begin using a suite of connected car functions, including the world's first aftermarket Start/Stop technology, engine immobilization and remote door unlocking, with the intention of improving safety, security, convenience and fuel efficiency.
VOYO's full feature set includes:
• Autokey - Automatically locks or unlocks the car doors based on the proximity of the driver's cell phone.
• Immobilization - A security feature that requires the cell phone be in the car during certain time periods set by the owner/driver.
• Vehicle Network - Tracks multiple vehicles from a single dashboard screen in the VOYO phone app. Shows location, engine status (on/off), malfunctions and reports alerts on driver behavior such as speeding, swerving and hard braking for every vehicle in the Network.
• Trip Logger - Shows trips by day, week, month or year for a vehicle. Data includes per trip information on mileage, driving time, gas used, CO2 produced and savings from EcoStart (see below).
• Aware Alerts - VOYO uses its data acquisition capabilities with the power of crowdsourcing to detect and report dangerous driving conditions. Similar to Waze but without the potential driver distraction, alerts are sent to the Voyomotive Cloud and then posted to the phone app. Alerts are based on vehicle swerving, use of stability control, ABS, hazardous weather, etc.
• Advanced Diagnostics - Most OBD-II units are equivalent to a $20 tool that reads generic error codes taken from a few of the car's computers. By contrast, VOYO can read manufacturers' error codes from all computers on millions of vehicles. VOYO provides detailed information on the problem, frequently before the 'check engine' light comes on.
• EcoStart - The world's first aftermarket, plug and play, Start/Stop system, and the only system that allows the driver to turn the engine of a stopped vehicle on/off using the footbrake. VOYO crowdsources intersection stop times, which are displayed in the VOYO app, to inform drivers where to save the most fuel.
• Gamification - Award pop-up screens for gas saving, CO2 reduction, money saved and safe driving can be shared by drivers on social media, and are reported both for the individual driver as well as all drivers in a given city, state or country.
• Privacy - VOYO gives users absolute control over their privacy settings including whether or not to share data with other drivers and the Voyomotive Cloud or even select a data "kill switch". Users can also delete select data from the app and the Cloud. To further assure privacy, data held in the Voyomotive Cloud is anonymized and obfuscated.
• Security - VOYO uses AES 256-bit encryption at every level of the system. Voyomotive is working with one of the world's most secure network services to further ensure data security and user privacy.
Additionally, Voyomotive will be making a VOYO API available to the developer community. The API will provide data on up to 100 operating variables, enabling groundbreaking apps that deliver an entirely new automotive Internet of Things experience.
For more information or to pre-order VOYO, check out Voyomotive's website at
About Voyomotive
Voyomotive's automotive technologies increase vehicle safety, security, convenience and fuel efficiency. With headquarters based in San Francisco and an R&D facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Voyomotive is developing a line of proprietary hardware, software and cloud based services that can be connected to a vehicle in minutes with no technical skills required. The VOYO product line focuses on consumer applications. The Passport line will provide hardware and software to fleets comprised of passenger vehicles as well as light and heavy-duty trucks.