Renowned safety solutions provider expands line to cover 2004 and newer models.
SOUTHFIELD, MICH., December 2, 2015 - Fresh offf a vibrant Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in which Brandmotion received Manufacturer of the Year honors from the association's Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) council, the supplier of factory-grade safety solutions to the aftermarket announced it had expanded the number of applications for its multi-camera systems; specifically in its 360 Vision line. The additional SKUs allow the company to offer an uncompromising view while parking and maneuvering on trucks from 2004 to 2016 if equipped with compatible factory radio screens.
"This was a very important step for us," said Brandmotion President and Founder Jeff Varick. "Our mission has always been to provide drivers with enhanced safety and convenience systems on the aftermarket side, yet ensure that they are tightly and seamlessly integrated into the factory functionality of the vehicle's existing components. Ours is not the first 360-degree system on the market, but it is one of the best in delivering a factory experience, from the matching OEM-grade wiring harnesses to the ergonomic ease of use. It's a great system for F-Series owners, and you can expect us to add more vehicle-specific applications for the technology."
While the upcoming federal mandate requires that all vehicles have at least a single back-up camera, many vehicle manufacturers are equipping vehicles with two-camera systems to show front and rear views. Still others have employed a four-camera system with on-board processing that stitches the four views together to create a "Birds-eye view" of the vehicle's surroundings in real time. In its 2015 Vehicle Rear Vision Market Study, Brandmotion identified several trims in the F-Series line that either require expensive trim package upgrades to get a camera system, or simply don't have one available.
The Brandmotion 360-degree Vision system consists of four high-resolution cameras, two of which are designed to fit under the side mirrors and provide a 185-degree view. The third is flush-mounted in the front bumper, while the rear-view camera is embedded in a vehicle-specific tailgate handle. Users see the rear view automatically when the vehicle is put into reverse gear, overlaid with distance park lines to aid in maneuvering, with a smaller top-down vehicle view alongside. The driver can then select between multiple views including the top-down view and split-screen views from each camera.
Currently, Brandmotion's 360-degree Vision system covers the following models:
• Part No. AVMS-3614 - 2015 and newer F-1F-150 with 4-inch MyFord Factory Display
• Part No. AVMS-3618 - 2015 and newer F-1F-150 with 8-inch MyTouch Factory Display
• Part No. AVMS-3604 - 2012-2014 F-150 wi with 4-inch MyFord Factory Display
• Part No. AVMS-3608 - 2013-2014 F-Seriesies with 8-inch MyTouch Factory Display
• Part No. AVMS-3600 - 2004 and newer F-Se-Series with composite-input (RCA-type) video display
All vehicle-specific kits carry an MSRP of $1229.95 plus installation, while the universal AVMS-3600 has a suggested retail price of $999.95 plus installation. In addition to the 360-degree Vision system, Brandmotion offers vehicle-specific, multi-camera systems for several vehicle brands equipped with factory display radios, including Ram, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. For more information, visit