SEMA Booth #43209
TRAVERSE CITY, Oct. 28, 2015 - Omni United is proud to announce the newest addition to their product lineup, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T. The tires are available for order now, with product on showroom floors in the US starting in November.
This is the Radar brand’s answer for the serious off-road enthusiast looking for a tire with enhanced durability for harsh gravel and rock, AND traction in deep mud, sand and snow. The latest generation in the Radar Renegade Light Truck tire lineup is the culmination of several years of research and development preparing for, and competing in the off-road motorsports arena. Omni United entered into motorsports in 2013, with their first-generation Radar Renegade R5 M/T tire and has since won multiple desert races in their three seasons of competition. This includes sweeping the three Score International Baja races in 2014, and back-to-back Baja 500 wins. The materials and features in the Radar Renegade lineup were tuned over time, and much of what helped deliver the off-road wins is now available for the weekend warrior, or work vehicles requiring extra grip and durability 365 days a year.
One of the race-inspired technologies in the latest generation tire is the Stone Ejector. The Radar Renegade R7 M/T has a raised nub between the tread blocks that actively deforms when the tire is rotating, opening, closing and then releasing as the tire goes through the contact patch. This action helps to eject the stones out of the tread pattern. Omni United engineers modeled the action of stone trapping and drilling, and analyzed the reaction of traditional stone ejectors. They learned that most of the current solutions appear to only add more gauge in the tread groove with no active stone ejection mechanism.
Another very compelling technology, particularly for a tire positioned to compete in the value segment, is the 3 body ply construction. The third layer of protection helps to strengthen and stiffen the tire to reduce the risk of punctures in the sidewall and tread areas. A third feature from the world of racing is the upper shoulder side-biters. They have a functional purpose of delivering added traction in loose surface conditions, but also provide the rugged aesthetic truck owners crave.
The Radar Renegade R7 M/T tire will have a total of 30 ROWL sizes introduced in two phases. 14 sizes are available now, with 16 more sizes planned for market introduction in 2016. The tire will be featured in the 2015 SEMA New Product Showcase, and will be on display in the Global Tire Expo Omni-United booth #43209 in the south hall lower.
For more information on the Radar Renegade R7 M/T, please email, or visit All inquires will be responded to promptly.