SEMA Booth #24425
PML brings to market an extra capacity transmission pan for 2007 to 2012 Ram Chassis Cab trucks. The PML pan holds approximately 25% more and is 30% less than the average price for a replacement stock pan. PML constructs the pan of sand cast aluminum so it is heavy duty. The big Ram 3500, 4500, 5500 work trucks finally have an alternative for transmission maintenance.
The PML pan features thick walls and gasket flange for a secure seal to the transmission housing. Heat in the transmission fluid is dissipated through cooling fins. Reducing heat, the enemy of lubrication, helps extend the life of the transmission. PML designed the pan to clear the cooling line routed next to the stock pan. PML includes a magnetic drain plug and mounting bolts for ease of installation.
The PML Aisin AS68RC transmission pan is available now by calling 310-671-4345 or on their website at The PML part number is 11139.
About PML
PML designs, manufactures and sells sand cast aluminum differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers. PML began in 1986 by providing engineering services to the manufacturing industry. In 1998, PML entered the automotive aftermarket with a set of Cadillac® valve covers. Today, PML offers more than 100 heavy duty, top quality pans and covers. All PML products are designed and manufactured in the USA. PML is a member of SEMA.