18 SKU’s with more on the way soon!
Import power steering pumps are commonly misdiagnosed as the culprit for noise or no pressure, when the actual cause is a clogged reservoir. Our brand new remote reservoirs, previously only available from the O.E. dealer, offer a stand-alone replacement solution or complement a power steering pump replacement, ensuring that all steering issues are corrected.
Current offering includes:
• 3R-102: 02-12 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Solara and Lexus 300, 330, 350, VIO: 5,400,000
• 3R-201: 06-11 Honda Civic, VIO: 1,362,368
• 3R-202: 04-08 Acura TL, VIO: 1,138,273
• 3R-203: 97-01 Honda Prelude, VIO: 918,721
• 3R-204: 03-05 Honda CRV/Element, VIO: 411,590
• 3R-205: 98-02 Honda Accord, VIO: 1,087,491
• 3R-501: 84-10 BMW/MINI, VIO: 2,880,000
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