• Internal micro fins & external louvered fins reduce temperatures between inlet and outlet ports by 22º
• Compact & light with 4 flat-sided oval extrusions for fluid cooling
• 15" long with furnace-brazed joints guarantee reliability
Kennesaw, GA: KRC has revealed a useful cooling fix for power steering systems and automatic transmissions. Using the radiator principle and combining it with two innovative elements—internal micro fins and external serpentine fins—they have attained impressive heat dissipation. Impressive heat dissipation can be elusive; but, by channeling the fluid through multiple internal micro fins located within four flat-sided oval extrusions, KRC succeeded in reducing fluid temperatures by 22F degrees. The temperature difference is measured between fluid entering the inlet port and exiting the outlet port. Furthermore, as the heat transfers through the micro fins and the extrusion walls, its dissipation is hastened when it reaches a dense maze of serpentine fins. Attached to the external surfaces by a technology known as furnace brazing the serpentine fins, though almost invisible to the naked eye, are themselves festooned with a multitude of tiny louvered fins.Oil, when heated, builds an insulation layer between the internal surface of the tube and the prevailing oil flow like a boundary layer. In addition, the majority of the oil flowing in the middle of a conventional round tube remains un-cooled—parallel layers have different relative velocities. In sharp contrast, the inner micro fins in KRC’s flat-sided extrusion scrub or upset the oil’s laminar flow preventing it from building an insulated wall.
At the rear of the cooler a vertical plate runs its length with angled slots and the letters KRC notched out. Their objective, particularly the angled slots, is to create turbulence. The turbulence generates a negative pressure that disrupts the air flow, which further improves cooling performance. Importantly, the cooler exhibits minimum flow restriction, hence a minimum pressure-drop that further aids cooling performance.
KRC’s new cooler measures 15in long x 2.625 x 1.750in overall. The internals of the four extruded tubes are 1.260in wide with a cross section of 0.138in. For further information contact KRC Power Steering at:
2115 Barrett Pk. Dr.
Kennesaw GA 30144-3680