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AftermarketPress.com is the only pure news site dedicated to providing near instant trade news to all of the stakeholders engaged in the North American automotive aftermarket. As the pace of business quickens and the fight to thrive intensifies, busy decision makers can stay abreast of all the news in just a few minutes every day with AftermarketPress.com on their computer screen in the office or at home; or, through their smart phone on the go. Service shops, installers, retailers, jobbers, distributors, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and all the firms that provide services to them find AftermarketPress.com the fast, easy way to stay on top of the news. We provide an executive news service for busy folks who don't have time to spare. The same folks you are trying to reach.

Exclusive Advertiser Control Panel

In addition to the standard services and personal interaction offered by typical trade publishers, AftermarketPress.com gives you the unique benefit of a private, online Advertiser Control Panel where you may track impressions, clicks, and click IP addresses in real time. You can login to your account 24/7 to track your results, place your ads, upload your banners, and make payment. Have you ever wanted to change your ad part way through your commitment? Now you can do it all yourself online in mere moments. The AftermarketPress.com Advertiser Control Panel is available to all advertisers. Naturally we're happy to accept your ad by e-mail or on disc along with conventional Insertion Orders. Even if we set up and manage your account in the traditional way, at your direction, you can still easily login to your account to track your results. No other trade publisher offers you the convenient control and transparency that AftermarketPress.com provides our advertisers.

Widest Variety of Ad Formats
AftermarketPress.com offers a range of banner ad sizes and programs that can be surprisingly affordable. We follow the Interactive Advertising Bureau (www.iab.net) gudelines for all of our online ads. Ad sizes available on AftermarketPress.com include the Rectangle (180 by 150 pixels), the Medium Rectangle (300x250), the Wide Skyscraper (160x600), the Leaderboard (729x90), the Super Leaderboard (970x90), and the Half-page (300x600), and the Mobile Banner (300x70.) Each ad may contain up to 15 seconds of animation in GIF or Flash format. Of course, we offer substantial frequency discounts as well.

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AftermarketPress now offers a content marketing program with amazing capabilities that can supercharge your distribution channel marketing. Read about this new program here. For more information please contact an AftermarketPress sales representative at (775) 800-9646, or email publisher@aftermarketpress.com.

For more information, please contact the publisher for our Media Kit. Contact a sales representative at Baker Business Publishing, 2197 Texas Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, (775) 800-9646, or email publisher@aftermarketpress.com.

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