Memphis, TN – January 20, 2015 – If the speedometer is inaccurate when the OE tires or rear gears are replaced on 2015 GM trucks (Part #732501), 2014 Ram truck or 2015 Jeep JK (Part #752501), what do you do? Hypertech, the world’s leader in high-performance engine tuning products, has introduced its Speedometer Calibrator, designed specifically to correct this situation on these newly introduced applications.
With the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator, the speedometer and odometer can be easily recalibrated for use with any non-stock tire size and/or rear gear ratio. What’s more, Hypertech’s Speedometer Calibrator Module has no limitations for increased tire height.
Additionally, when using the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator, there is no need to cut into the factory wiring harness. Factory style connectors make the installation easy, and the integration seamless. Why let your customers drive around with inaccurate speedometer and odometer readings when the solution, installing a Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator, is simple and available at any Hypertech distributor?
About Hypertech Inc.
Hypertech is a technology-driven company whose core product is knowledge; the ability to tune the complex computers that control essential functions in modern vehicles. Hypertech is the technology leader in high-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles. Electronic engine controls have evolved rapidly since their introduction in the early '80s, and Hypertech has kept pace by developing power tuning products that take advantage of these electronic controls. As the power of digital systems expands, Hypertech will continue to design and manufacture cutting edge power tuning products here in the U.S.
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