Exo-Armour is a high temperature protective clear coat that withstands temperatures up to 2,000 F.
Pottstown, PA - December 31, 2014 - The Eastwood Company, innovators of do-it-yourself automotive restoration tools and supplies, has just introduced Exo-Armour, a high temperature, protective clear coat that was originally developed for military and aviation applications. Exo-Armour provides protection without adding a glossy finish. Exo-Armour tested to 2,000 F for temperature resistance and passed 4,000 hours of salt spray test. It protects bare metal, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces. It will not crack, peel or yellow and is not affected by solvents or most chemicals. "We wanted a clear coat that could be used in underhood applications that would withstand the temperatures and environment," commented Nick Capinski, Eastwood Content & Engagement Manager. "Exo-Armour is great for keeping polished aluminum parts looking new under the hood." Exo-Armour is a two component formulation that can be sprayed, dipped or wiped on. It is great for auto and motorcycle applications, as well as marine and around the house, including brass door knobs, patio furniture, stainless steel appliances, and more.
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