AAPEX Booth #5234
Cargo Liners; Trunk/Crossover Liners; Garage Floor Mats; Small Vehicle/Motorcycle Mats; Truckers Mats
Our mats are designed to contain the mess and prevent soak thru, from above or below! Soft, long lasting polyester fabric absorbs up to 5X its weight in liquids & features a Patented Waterproof Backing that utilizes Zorb-Tech Technology –“Absorbent yet Waterproof”. All of our mats are manufactured in the USA from over 50% recycled fibers, lightweight and easy to clean! Simply, machine wash, power wash or hose off with soap and water. Dries Quickly. Our Armor All ® Cargo Liner is the only Cargo Liner that offers all of these 4 Key Features: 1.Absorbent, contains spills; 2. Machine Washable; 3. Universal Fit; 4. Multi use versatility. It can also be used as a Seat Protector; Tent Liner; Waterproof Blanket or for Roadside Emergencies. Multiple colors and designs are available. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA and will last for years.