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Drivers and Fleets Discover That Not Everything Is Better On A Smart Phone App

• The ELD mandate exposes shortcomings of mobile devices when used for compliance requirements
Allentown, PA, April 11, 2018 - Continental, a leading global supplier of systems, components, and tires to automobile and truck manufacturers, and the manufacturer of VDO RoadLog ELD (, is advising professional truck drivers to be aware of issues being reported by users of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) apps.
Apps designed to comply with the federal ELD mandate have gained wide use since the mandate went into effect. Because ELD apps for smart phones and tablets are available at low or even no cost, they are appealing to drivers and fleets who are faced with the alternative of spending hundreds of dollars per vehicle for hardware-based ELDs. However, as professional drivers are reporting, Electronic Logging Device apps on smart phones and tablets have some serious performance issues out on the road.
ELD phone apps tax cell phone batteries
As with any location-based app, ELD apps rely on the phone or tablet’s built-in GPS to track a driver’s location. Constant GPS activity puts a strain on the device’s batteries, causing them to heat up. When the phone or tablet is sitting on the vehicle’s dash, the heat from the sun can make the batteries even hotter. If the batteries get too hot, the mobile device will shut itself down, ending its ability to maintain logs. This exposes the driver to substantial fines for failing to maintain ELD mandate compliance.
Hardwired vs Bluetooth data connection
Most phone app ELDs rely on a Bluetooth connection to get the vehicle data input required to meet the FMCSA ELD regulations. But, as most consumers know from Bluetooth headsets, smart speakers, and other consumer electronics, Bluetooth connections often have drop outs. If the ELD app’s Bluetooth connection drops, drivers may end up with gaps in their log data, creating another exposure to costly fines.
ELD Device inspection hand-off issues
Phone app ELDs can transfer log data to an inspection officer by Bluetooth or email, but in many cases the officer will ask the driver to hand over the device in order to read log information directly from the screen. The device can be dropped in the hand-off, and an accidental drop can mean the end of the device and the ability to record log data. In addition, handing off the device can compromise privacy because it exposes all the driver’s personal information, photos, and contacts, including a complete GPS record of where, when, and how fast the vehicle traveled.
HOS errors
Under certain circumstances, phone app ELDs can record off-duty movements as if the driver was still in Driving status. This can happen with no warning and put drivers over their limit without their knowledge.
Consider all the pros and cons
Jay McCarthy, Marketing Manager for Continental, advises drivers and fleets, “Consider all the factors before investing in an ELD solution. Our VDO RoadLog ELD is a dedicated device that’s hardwired to the vehicle’s data port. That means there’s no chance for Bluetooth data drops and no worries about gaps in the driver’s logs. VDO RoadLog ELD’s power is drawn from the vehicle, so battery overheating is simply not an issue.
VDO RoadLog features an HOS display that’s always visible when underway, and drivers can see their duty status at all times. There’s no potential to have On-Duty or Driving hours recorded without the driver’s knowledge. VDO RoadLog ELD is also available with no monthly fees, so when you buy it, it’s yours. Plus, Continental provides free software updates, so you know you’ll be in mandate compliance now and in the future.”
Many fleets and owner operators are finding that relying on a cell phone for a very specific business need is not always the best solution. Buyers need to consider all factors before deciding on which device to choose for ELD compliance. This is especially true when deciding between a dedicated Electronic Logging Device and an ELD app on a smart phone or tablet.
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Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 238,000 people in 61 countries.
Information management in and beyond the vehicle is at the very heart of the Interior division. The product portfolio for different types of vehicles includes: instrument clusters, multifunctional and head-up displays, control units, access control and tire-information systems, radios, infotainment systems, input devices, control panels, climate control units, software, cockpits as well as services and solutions for telematics and Intelligent Transportation Systems. The Interior division employs more than 43,000 people worldwide and generated sales of €8.3 billion in 2016.
Within the Interior Division the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Business Unit accommodates the specific requirements of the commercial vehicle, special vehicle and aftermarket sector. A global network of sales and service companies ensures proximity to local customers. Covering the product brands Continental, VDO, ATE, Galfer and Barum the Business Unit offers web based managed services, fleet management and tachograph solutions electronic products, systems and services for commercial and special vehicles, a broad selection of products for specialized workshops and spare parts for the Independent Aftermarket and the Original Equipment Services after end of series production of the vehicle manufacturer.

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This Camaro Clock Glows Hot Like The Real Thing

Like a Z28, this bright blue clock is ready to rumble. Stand back, and let the time fly by.
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Grandville, MI 49418

Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller Revolutionizes 12V Accessory Installation And Control

Corona, CA - Advanced Accessory Concepts releases an industry first 100% wireless 12-24 volt accessory controller. The Trigger Wireless accessory Saves, time space and money by eliminating the need to wire accessories through the firewall and mount switches to the dash.
What does that mean? This means that the installer whether it be a professional or consumer no longer needs to deal with spaghetti like wiring harnesses that are found in 99% of electrical accessories today. The installer simply needs to run power ground and ignition to the Trigger system and from there run power to the accessories I.E. Light bars, whips, compressors etc. Each circuit is controlled via the supplied RF remote or the free trigger app for iOS and Android devices. All of this makes the Trigger controller completely independent from factory wiring harnesses.
The trigger controller consist of 4 total fused circuits, (2) 10amp and (2) 30 amp which is sufficient in controlling the needs of the majority of Truck, Jeep and UTV owners. The main housing is constructed of cast aluminum with to protect the solid state switches and circuit board. All of these components are fully potted in conductive epoxy making this an industry first fully submersible unit. Each circuit is fused in line, upon failure the circuit will indicate failure via a red LED. Each circuit also comes with a manual on/off switch on the unit itself for redundancy with each circuit indicating it is on via a blue LED. Each Trigger unit also comes with (2) 14 gauge and (2) 12 gauge wiring harnesses which are 8 feet long to cover the needs of each installer. The goal of this unit is not just ease of installation but also to bring a quality product to the market that is affordable and appealing to the masses. Current products in the category start in the $400.00+ range and the Trigger Controller hits the market with a $206.97 MAP price making this a high quality option that is also affordable. Industry and consumer experts agree that the Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller fills the void in a space that has a demand but very little representation.
“So I believe this is Gold! I love it! I’ve wired a few things on my Jeep, and like everyone, I hate dealing with the wiring and if I could eliminate everything that I’ve done there, and the mess it can come to be, I would definitely do it! With this, it seems like it can be done, no wires into the cabin is awesome! And having the App and being Fully Waterproof is just the Cherry on top! I love everything about it really, in all honesty, I probably don’t have any more electronic components on my Jeep just because I don’t want to deal with the wiring, but with this, it just makes everything so much more easy and would probably add more things to my Jeep just because I would have this.” - Customer service manager at Major Jeep accessory dealer.
“This looks like an awesome product. Currently the leader in the serious off road wired/wireless control panels is (witheld) but from the description this seems like a much better option. One of the largest headaches when building my jeep was running the 7 wiring harnesses throughout my right. Just to confirm, this system is a bluetooth wireless set up but also has a separate switch panel to control the accessories added inside the vehicle? YES! From the information provided I'd be willing to pay somewhere in the $400-$500 range. From what I see, many of our customers purchase a 50" light bar and some pods which would only use two maybe three of the switches and 4 at the most.” -Sales Rep Major Jeep accessory Retailer
For more information about the Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller please visit
The group of individuals that formed Advanced Accessory Concepts have a combined 60+ years’ experience in the design, development and cost effective manufacturing of unique accessory components. Our goal? To improve and enhance your personal experience and overall vehicle performance. We are enthusiasts and it shows in our work. Across all brands we strive to offer products that perform beyond consumer expectation in both fit and finish, resulting in higher quality accessories and focused customer service. We can also be your turn-key resource for contract private label manufacturing, working to meet your exacting specifications and achieve target costs to meet your goals and objectives. As a small privately owned company we can respond quickly to your needs for accelerated schedules and reasonable volumes that often times a larger corporation simply cannot provide! Occasionally a problem may arise with one of our products ... it's rare but it happens! If you ever have an issue with any of our products, please don't hesitate to call us! A real person will pick up the phone and help. At the core of every product we design is American ingenuity and product integrity. We will continue to do our best to lead in the marketplace with unique offerings for our valued customers!

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M2 Machines Releases 1:64-Scale COMP Cams Thumpr Auto Haulers

Memphis, TN - A new production of retro 1:64 scale die cast auto haulers from M2 Machines celebrates the COMP Cams Thumpr Cam line known for delivering big muscle car sound with unmatched streetable performance. Each of the highly detailed collectibles includes a tractor-trailer and vehicle featuring the iconic Thumpr Cam branding, as well as a display base and acrylic case. Designed with all car lovers in mind, they are available in Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford versions as follows:
• 1957 Dodge COE and 1969 Plymouth Road Runner HEMI
• 1958 Chevrolet Spartan LCF and 1967 Chevrolet Nova SS
• 1970 Ford C-950 and 1965 Ford Econoline van
A limited edition chase version of the Ford offering is also available and features a red trailer and red-tinted chrome wheels, fuel tanks and bumpers. Only 750 of this version are being released worldwide, while M2 Machines produced 5,880 each of the standard collectible versions. These die cast auto haulers are the first Thumpr Cam toys on the market and can be purchased from the COMP Performance Group trailer at events across the country this year, while supplies last.